COMPANY: Vera Bradley
LOCATION: Roanoke, Indiana
ROLE: Freelance Designer

As a freelance designer for Vera Bradley’s Creative Services I have been able to work with art directors and copywriters to conceptualize and create digital assets across all marketing channels for the Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring retail seasons of 2017 and 2018.

The Blog

Under the art direction of Heidi Smith, I conceptualized a new look for Vera Bradley's blog. My goal when designing this blog concept was to create a more streamlined experience for our customers and readers when switching between The Blog and VB’s website. I did this using three forms of functionality: the image carousel, shop the story, and related stories.

  1. The image carousel would give VB’s creative and social teams the ability to include more imagery in each blog post while conserving space on the reader’s viewing screen.

  2. “Shop the Story” carousels would be populated using imagery and product details pulled directly from the VB site, linking to each product page, giving readers an easy way to purchase any items discussed in the blog post.

  3. Currently on The Blog the only way to find related stories is to scroll through each of the blog posts chronologically. The "Related Stories" feature would allow the VB team to direct readers to stories that are similar in content to what they are already reading.

Halloween: Digital campaign 

Under the art direction of Lionel Cipriano and Amanda Pappas, I conceptualized, designed, and animated every digital marketing piece for the Winter 2017, Halloween themed, Additional 40% Off Sale.

Green monday: Digital campaign 

Under the art direction of Lionel Cipriano, Amanda Pappas and I conceptualized the 2017 Green Monday creative and designed three email sends.

2018 Emails

Under the art direction of Heidi Smith, Lionel Cipriano, Allison Guido, Amanda Pappas, Alexandria Baker, and Michelle DeVera I designed and composed dozens of email sends for the 2018 year. Check out a few below!