COMPANY: Studio 165+
PROJECT: Mayor’s Arts Awards
ROLE: Designer, Production Artist, Copywriter

Eleven students from the Visual Communication area in Ball State University's School of Art were competitively selected to start a functioning, real-world, design studio; Studio 165+. We separated into two teams and throughout the semester completed several projects for local Muncie organizations. As designer and copywriter I worked on conceptualizing the new Mayor’s Arts Awards identity and creating their identity manual.

Mayor’s Arts Awards (MAA) are celebrated in many cities across the country. These awards allow cities to bestow a prestigious honor upon individual artists, teachers, nonprofit organizations, and/or patrons of the arts. These awards recognize varying contributions to the cultural community as well. The Muncie Arts and Culture Council (MACC) is proud to implement this program for the City of Muncie.


phase one: Concept One

MAA event branding was broken down into three phases. The first phase was creating the identity that MAA would be using. When designing the first identity concept I focused on the organization’s name and the abstract forms the letters could create when combined. 

phase one: Concept Two (Chosen)

The second identity concept is a combination of the four cultural zones in Muncie that Muncie Arts and Cultures Council Center works with. This combination of areas comes together like hands to show the community involvement. Along with this identity, we created an identity manual to be used as a reference for future Mayor’s Arts Awards.


phase two

Phase two included a sponsorship packet and nomination forms. The Muncie Arts and Cultural Council uses the sponsorship packet to bring in money for the Mayor’s Arts Awards. The sponsors are represented in a variety of ways throughout the event. The nomination form allows the Muncie community to acknowledge a local artist for one of the eight awards.


phase three

The third phase contains the program that will be given out at the event, invitations for the nominees and sponsors, signage for the event, and event promotional items. Within this phase, we created items that will help showcase the winners and promote the event within the Muncie community.


Team members included Karissa PlaceSean ChenAnna Weddle, Natalie Rokosz and Jessica Hord.