COMPANY: Kirk’s Bike Shop
PROJECT: Identity Design
ROLE: Art Director, Designer

Kirk’s Bike Shop is the premier retailer for Trek bikes in Muncie, IN. I redesigned their current identity featuring “high-wheeler” bike. Given that Kirk’s was originally established in 1865, the owner wanted to convey a sense of the company’s history in the identity system. To view the complete Identity Manual, click here.

Accepted into the 83rd Annual Juried Student Art Show (2018).

History of the bike

There are four stages in bicycle history predating the machine we know today as the bike.

  1. The “Running Machine” – developed in 1817. Unlike the bikes we know today, it was propelled forward by walking (or running) rather than pedaling.
  2. Boneshaker – developed in the 1860s. The combination of its metal wheels and wooden frame made for a very uncomfortable ride.
  3. High-Wheeler – developed in the 1870s. The first bike to sport rubber tires.
  4. Rover Safety Bicycle – developed in 1885. The frame and wheel alignment of this machine very closely resembles what we use today.


Many of the functional improvements that were made to bicycles centered around the wheels. Because of this, I decided the make them the focus of this identity system. Each of the four bikes (shown above) can be used as alternate logomarks, in place of the preferred logomark (shown below).