COMPANY: Firefly Coffee House
LOCATION: Fort Wayne, Indiana
PROJECT: Identity + Package Design
ROLE: Art Director, Designer

Firefly Coffee House was founded by a husband and wife team in 1999 with the intention of establishing a safe, creative space within their existing community in Fort Wayne, Indiana. With their supportive and inspiring atmosphere in mind, I created an identity system concept to modernize their brand.


The logomark for this identity system consists of three primary elements: the firefly, the coffee bean, and the illumination. Firefly illumination is perhaps the most widely recognized example of a biochemical emission of light known as bioluminescence which is produced by a chemical reaction within living organisms.


I created two lockups for the Firefly identity system to be used across all forms of print and digital collateral. The two-color lockups are intended for use only where the background color is lighter than that of the circular firefly illumination; the single-color lockups are intended for use everywhere else.